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Do you monitor your marketing technology solutions and their trackers?
Over 7000 martech solutions help improve customer service by tracking users online. Data4me helps companies monitor all their third party solutions and their trackers.
we believe
In a hybrid ethical balance between the two extreme world views that are "privacy is dead" on the one end, and "full ad blocking" on the other.

If it cannot be measured, it's harder to improve.
If it's not visible, it's harder to measure.
Companies need performance tools to improve their behaviour and comply with regulations like GDPR.
Control risk exposure with real time monitoring and compliant records.
Track The Tracker
Our T3 tool monitors third party tracking solutions used by websites.
Real time tracking
Real time counter of trackers used on users by your website.
Vendor details
Link each tracker to vendors and monitor who does what when.
Keep your records of processing activities updated and ensure accountability.
Save time by setting-up alerts to avoid uneccessary dashboard analysis.
Simple implementation
SAAS means no initial integration, get your account set-up and you're good to go.
While 66% of French people say they are more concerned than before by data protection, the CNIL continues to receive increasing individual or collective complaints, 6 months after the entry into effect of GDPR.
Administrative authority for French Data Protection

increase in complaints filed to the French regulatory body, CNIL, compared to 2017.

notifications of data violations have been received since May 25th, 2018. An average of 7 per day.

of French say they're more concerned about their private data.